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Frequency Word Lists

Frequency word lists are useful for those who want to learn the basics of communications of a language in a fast and efficient way.

To create the FocusList feature in LingoStand, we searched for word frequency lists... we already knew that the first 100 words of the English language represent about 50% of written text... it was a surprise for us to learn that this happens very similarly in other languages.

If you know how to use the top 100 words of any of the following word lists, you will be able to communicate faster in a given language.

Finding these word lists was more difficult than anticipated, for this reason, we would like to make it easier for anyone out there who might be searching for them.

Language File Total Words % Sum of the first 100 Words Reference / Source
English 40,234 48.9 % We created this list using the Brown Corpus and NLTK. This corpus is famous for it’s diversity
Spanish 10,000 55.43 % Web site of the Real Academia Española. 49% of the material is from the web, and 49% from books. 50% spain and 50% latin america
Italian 10,000 53.31 % Eurac PAISÀ Corpus of Italian Web Text
German 897 43 % Centre for Translation Studies: All articles, blogs, posts, etc… from the internet
French 10,000 52.5 % Université Savoie Mont Blanc

NOTE 1: You can also download these lists from the LingoStand app in the FocusList section

NOTE 2: We have other list in the app, such as B1 english, 8 letter words and so on... and more coming!

How to Import these lists? Import the CSV files into a spreadsheet, delete the columns you don't need, and you are done!