Cultivate your thoughts expand your vocabulary.

LingoStand makes it easy for you to improve your language skills while reading content that helps you grow. Integrate reading with fun and effective study sessions that adapts to your memory and objectives.

I must admit that I love LingoStand, I use it every day and sometimes more than once a day.
- Juliana Marin, 2019

📌 Updating to new version

We are currently updating from version 2.7 to version 3.0, which has significant changes... for this reason we have removed the 2.7 version from the Play and iOS stores. We will re-launch Lingostand with the new version in the near future.

You can still use the web version, or if you have already installed the app in your phone it will continue to work untill noticed.

How it works?

1. Read & Create Cards

  • 📖 Read real content, one bite a time, without distractions
  • 🗃️ Create Flashcards, add your notes, and learn about the word
  • 🎧 Listen to words and sentences with realistic accents and speeds
  • 🌍 Translate words and sentences to your native language and read without frustrations
  • 🕵️‍♀️ Decunstruct the grammar to learn and improve your communication
  • 🔍 Focus: Higlgight words in a list (e.g. level B1 Italian) or as part of speach (e.g. Adjectives) to better choose which words to learn

2. Effectivly learn your cards.

  • 🎯 Study and Practice your cards using specialized tools and effective methods
  • 🎮 Achieve test streaks to master words
  • 🚀 At the end of each test session you get 2 piles: Correct and Incorrect, try again with the incorrect pile for faster learning, until all of your cards are in the correct pile.
  • 🗣️ Learn the Meaning and pronunciation of each word
  • 📅 LingoStand helps you optimize your study time by informing you when to study again.
  • 🎓 Learn more about the original study method in the Socratica video which inspired this development.

Benefits of Expanding your Vocabulary

Building Vocabulary has a powerful domino effect not only in your learning language journey, but in all areas of your life.



Improves all communication skills: Comprehension, pronounciation, writing and listening



Even if we are starting a new language, every new word we master allow us to communicate better



Predicts occupational success, and it has been proven that achievement precedes vocabulary.


Human Connections

It allows us to make meaningful connections to others, that hevenly moment when we understand and are understood.



Helps you think new thoughts, which transform into new decisions, new actions which guides you to a new destiny



It allows us to make better questions, which allows us to arrive to better solutions faster.



It is the best defense against manipulation- both commercial and political.


Information Access

It allows access to more valuable and life changing information.

Learn more about the benefits with the Kelly Corrigan talk at the at TEDxSonomaCounty

Import, Follow or Find Content

  • Browse curated sources to follow
  • Follow your own sources by using our RSS integration feature, and stay up to date with your favorite authors
  • Insert a link from a web article and use it for your learning.
  • Upload your content Books, homework, presentations, articles.
  • Supported Formats PDFs, EPUBs, Presentations and Word Documents.
  • Copy and Paste text directly in the app and turn them into learning sessions.

Because Content Matters

Interest in the material you read will keep you coming back to the practice until you reach your fluency goals. Monotony is the enemy, we recommend using the target language as a vehicle for learning more about a subject, skill, or cultural area of interest.

From the Tim Ferris Blog

Use Trending News to develop your language skills

  • News articles expose learners to actual usage of a language while providing interesting conversation topics. 🚀
  • Browse recent news by categories: Science, Health, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, General.
  • Sources by Country: United States, U.K, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Italy, Germany, France.
  • Automatically updates news content 3 times a day.
  • 🤓 For word geeks: Watch out for the top used words by categories (verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc...) by following our Twitter @bot_lingo


Lingo Content Analysis: Each time you choose or import content, you get a comprehensive analysis that helps you deconstruct the content:

  • Length and the estimated time of reading
  • Summarization determine essential ideas and decide your interest in the material
  • Readability Levels for a flow reading experience according to your language level skills
  • Vocabulary Part of Speach analysis, a word frequency breakdown of adjectives, verbs, nouns, etc... Find vocabulary that interests you beforehand.
  • Vocabulary Lingo Lists analysis see the density of words that belong to a particular group (e.g. business words, TOEFL or B1 Lvl)
  • Download the complete word list analysis of any word group

Develop Listening and Pronunciation

  • Use realistic voices powered by IBM watson to practice listening and pronounciation
  • Change accents, speed and gender to really master pronunciation
  • Available for every sentence, cards and words all over the app
  • All target languages supported

Practice for that presentation or job interview!

  • Use the copy and paste feature, combined with the pronounciation tools, to practice your scripts
  • Gain confidence by learning the lingo related to your profession
  • We have used this tool to pracice, present and land jobs. We whish it works for you too!

What is Lingo Anyway?

Lingo: Words and phrases one group understands, but that outsiders might not, like computer lingo or musician's lingo.

Lingo Lists and focus learning

  • 1. Subscribe to list of words that belong to a lingo group
  • 2. You can choose to highlight these words as you read
  • With this tool, you can easly find words that interests you to learn and create your flashcards to study
Download Word Lists Here

True TOEFL story from a LingoStand user.

How LingoStand is helping Juliana?

Juliana Marin

May 16, 2019. Learning English, originally translated from spanish

LingoStand answer

May 17, 2019.

Juliana Marin

July 29, 2019. Learning English, originally translated from spanish

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